Google is finally deleting your Incognito mode browsing history — well, some of it

When you open Google Chrome Incognito mode, you’re probably expecting a completely private browsing experience where your history and searches won’t be saved. It turns out, that’s not how Google has actually been handling your Incognito mode browsing history (despite the company boasting about Google privacy options). Luckily, a lawsuit settlement is forcing Google to finally destroy the browsing data they’ve collected from millions of users’ Incognito mode activity. 

Here’s a quick overview of the lawsuit and how it will impact users moving forward. 

Google agrees to destroy Incognito mode browsing data

(Image credit: Google)

On April 1, 2024, a proposed settlement was filed in the ongoing lawsuit Brown v. Google, which could bring some major changes to Incognito mode on Google Chrome. The settlement includes several main points, but the highlight is Google’s promise to destroy billions of data records they’ve collected from private browsing sessions on Incognito mode. 

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